Taskeen-un-Nisa - Emerging Kashmiri Artist Gains Prominence with Self-Taught Talents

Taskeen-un-Nisa - Emerging Kashmiri Artist Gains Prominence with Self-Taught Talents

Taskeen-un-Nisa, a self-taught artist hailing from the quaint town of Sopore in north Kashmir, is making waves in the art community with her exceptional talent in mural painting, calligraphy, canvas art, and resin work.

Taskeen-un-Nisa, currently a class 12th student, has crafted hundreds of artworks, earning recognition from both art critics and satisfied customers. Despite lacking formal education in the arts, Taskeen-un-Nisa attributes her skills to the vast repository of knowledge available online, specifically on YouTube.

"I have been enthusiastic about painting and sketching since my childhood. I didn't visit any art school for learning how to make artworks but have had been learning the skill on YouTube," says Taskeen-un-Nisa. Her artistic journey is a testament to the democratization of art education facilitated by the internet.

Taskeen-un-Nisa draws inspiration from her surroundings, capturing the essence of what she sees and feels in her paintings. "Whatever I see and feel, I try to portray it in my paintings, and above all, making art makes me happy and gives me peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction," she adds.

Recently, Taskeen-un-Nisa achieved a significant milestone by being featured among the top 10 most renowned artists of Kashmir, according to a list published by a reputed news portal in the valley.

Utilizing the power of social media, Taskeen-un-Nisa sells her artwork primarily on platforms like Instagram. "I post the photos of my artwork on social media, and that is where most of my customers contact me," she shares. This underscores the evolving landscape of art commerce, where artists can directly connect with a global audience through online platforms.

When asked about her future plans, Taskeen-un-Nisa expressed her desire to turn her passion into a career. She plans to pursue a degree in fine arts to further hone her skills and explore new avenues in the world of art. Her determination and talent position her as a promising artist on the rise, symbolizing the limitless possibilities for those with a passion for creativity and access to online resources.

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